Budget Beard

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The normally clean-shaven Democrat from Marin County says he can’t find a rational explanation for why nearly all Senate Republicans refuse to approve a budget:

 “So I thought I would try something irrational in hopes that that might get through to these folks.”

He stopped shaving when the Assembly passed the spending plan – July 19th – and says he won’t start again until the state has a budget:

 “It’s pretty much a full beard at this point – it doesn’t look good.  But then again, the 14 holdout Republicans are making all of us look bad, so what’s the difference?”

Last week the Senate failed to pass a budget by what you might call a razor-thin one vote margin.   G-O-P Senators want more cuts – they say a balanced budget is more responsible.  No word on what other lawmakers might forgo - Let’s hope it’s not showers.