No Budget Agreement in Sight

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 2, 2007

State senators were one vote shy of passing a spending plan--- Senator Abel Maldonado was the lone Republican to give his approval despite the political risks of angering those who could help his next campaign. 

 “So my friends if I lose my election because I voted for a balanced budget that doesn’t raise taxes, then that’s a price Madame President and members that I’m willing to pay…”

But another GOP vote needed was not forthcoming.  Senate Democratic leader Don Perata said he was frustrated.

“The state budget is being held up by Republicans. They are captive of people who do not believe unless they have it their way they’re ever going to go our way.”

Senate Republicans say they want to keep working with Democrats. Among other things they want more spending cuts.  Perata  says the stalemate could drag on until Assembly members return from their summer break later this month.