CHP: AMBER Alert 100 Percent Successful

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 30, 2007

Just a few days after the law was implemented in the summer of 2002, Milton Walters was working at a Caltrans construction site in Kern County.  He'd heard the Amber Alert about two missing girls and a white bronco on the radio.  He saw the car go by, scratched the license number into the dirt, and called the police.  He says the system worked:

"Just to hear that they were alive an the suspect had been shot, basically brought tears to your eyes and an overwhelming feeling that day."

California Highway Patrol Commissioner Mike Brown says they've activated the AMBER alert network for 103 cases - and all 131 children involved have been either rescued or found safe. The C-H-P contacts the National Weather Service, who transmits the alerts to all broadcasters.  Then the public is asked to call in with any information.