Toughest-In-Nation Emission Rules For Heavy Equipment

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 26, 2007

The new rules will require contractors and others with heavy equipment to retrofit or replace engines – or entire vehicles.  Among those who packed an auditorium at a public hearing on the regulations was Greg Oxley.  The Ripon contractor opposes the change.  He says it will cost his industry too much:

“I think the end result is going to be that as written it’ll put a lot of people out of business.”  

Newly-appointed Air Resources Board chair Mary Nichols says they’ve worked with the construction industry, and the changes are realistic:

“We’ve tried to make the rule as cost-effective and reasonable for the industry to comply with as we can, but ultimately our job is to clean up the air and make it healthy for people to breathe.”

Under the rules, companies are required to gradually implement the changes from 2010 until 2020 or 2025, depending on their size.