Carpool Lanes on Highway 50 Challenged

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Caltrans is planning to add one lane in each direction between Sunrise Boulevard and Watt Avenue. Judy Sundquist is with Neighbors Advocating Sustainable Transportation, one of the groups that filed the suit. She says a better idea would be to convert two existing lanes into carpool lanes. 

"The issue with Highway 50 is that two additional lanes will be added. They will be designated as HOV but that’s only certain times of the day which means probably someplace between 20% to 25% more cars on the road." 

The lawsuit questions the project’s environmental impact report.

Caltrans officials declined to comment on tape. In a written statement they said “since this matter is now in litigation, we will withhold comment at this time, consistent with the Department policy."