Interest In Nuclear Power Brewing

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 23, 2007

For decades there’s been a ban on building new nuclear power plants in California.  But Republican Assemblyman Chuck DeVore is looking to change that.  He’s backing an initiative that would ask voters to lift the ban.  He argues it’s the only way to cut greenhouse gas emissions as required by landmark legislation passed year. 

“Nuclear power is the only large-scale source of reliable power that produces no direct Co2 emissions.  In fact, per unit of energy produced, nuclear power produces the least amount of Co2 end to end, and that’s including wind and solar.”

Devore says there are cities – including Fresno – interested in a plant.  Recently, Senate Republicans released a policy brief noting that more nuclear power be seriously considered.  Critics have argued there’s no good way to dispose of nuclear waste, and that the risk of accidents is too high.