Budget Stalemate Continues

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, July 22, 2007

State Senators pulled an all-nighter Friday and into Saturday morning.  But it wasn’t enough to get the two Republican votes needed to pass the plan.  G-O-P Senators said the budget still spent too much.  Democratic Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata then put the ball in the Republicans’ court:

“You know where you want to go – we have no freaking idea where you want to go, so you show us where you want to go, you tell us when you’re ready.  We’ve done all we can do.”

In a statement, Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman said his members have always made it clear they wanted a balanced budget.  But Democrats and the Governor both say that could mean cutting school funding – something neither will do.  Any changes made to the budget bill by the Senate would have to be approved by the Assembly.  But members of the lower house members have already left for a month-long recess. 

The State Senate is scheduled to reconvene Wednesday to hear the Republican budget proposal.