Gym Sued Over Disabled Access

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 19, 2007

Owners of Basketball Town say they’ve complied with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Spokesman Ron Jenanyan says fighting the lawsuit is draining their budget. 

"Between the lawyer bills and everything that’s kind of compiled on this as it’s dragging out it’s kind of taking a toll on our finances." 

The suit was filed by well-known disabled access attorney Paul Rein. It charges that last spring a quadriplegic man didn’t have access to an upstairs mezzanine and that the facility lacked a disabled parking spot.

Jenanyan says Basketball Town has been seeking a resolution since January. 

"And we’re still trying to find out from them what they want and so we just want to get this cleared up so we can move on."

Jenanyan says Basketball Town may hold a fundraiser to pay the legal bills. The 50,000 square foot multi-purpose facility opened in 2001.