State Official Questions Homeland Security Funds

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Overall California is getting more funding in the form of federal anti-terror grants.  Matthew Bettenhausen with the state Office of Homeland Security says San Francisco and San Diego will see increases. But he’s concerned about cutbacks for Sacramento and L.A.  He says he wants to talk to federal officials about it. 

 “To try and get an understanding of how they went about caculating risk and need and how that could have resulted in reductions for Los Angeles and Sacramento…” 

Bettenhausen says there was a cut of about eight million dollars for Los Angeles and a reduction of more than three million dollars to Sacramento.  San Francisco will get a boost of about six million dollars and San Diego will get sixteen million dollars—double what it received last year.  Bettenhausen says he wants to make sure California gets its fair share in the future.