Report Clears Primate Center

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 16, 2007

Primate Research Center Director Dallas Hyde says it dismisses allegations raised last year by a former animal care technician who said researchers routinely abused and starved the animals. 

"Things were taken out of context or they were made by a former employee that was really not qualified to make judgments on things such as the diet for animals."

The investigation was led by the university's attending veterinarian and members of the campus Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Michael Budkie with Stop Animal Exploitation Now calls the report a “whitewash”.   

"You have to question the objectivity of this “investigation”. This report is essentially meaningless."

The university paid a $4,800 fine to the US Department of Agriculture in December 2005 after a building heater malfunctioned and seven monkeys died.