Deadline for Committee Votes-- Some Bills Survive, Others Don't

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 13, 2007

It was the deadline to make it through either Senate or Assembly policy committees, following the measures’ passage in their original houses.  The Democratic leaders’ bill to provide health care coverage for more Californians was approved as was a bill allowing same sex marriages.   An Assembly bill to allow domestic partners to change their names will also continue toward final passage in the state Senate. 

Meanwhile, the Assembly Democrat carrying the bill to require most pet owners to spay or neuter their puppies and kitties withdrew the measure after it became clear he didn’t have enough support.   The author of a bill to merge the Office of Homeland Security with the Office of Emergency Services says he’ll try again after it failed to get out of Committee. 

AB 8-- Healthcare bill

AB 102-- Domestic Partners/Name bill

AB 43-- Same Sex Marriage Bill

AB 1634-- Spay and neuter bill

AB 38-- Homeland Security/Office of Emergency Services Bill