Moth Threatens State's Crops

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So far the moth has been spotted in nine California counties, mostly in the Bay Area, including Napa, Alameda and Contra Costa. 

"It’s a real concern to us here in Yolo County."

Rick Landon – the Yolo County Agriculture Commissioner – says the pest threatens a number of local crops including alfalfa. 

"And also if it were to be detected we would face quarantine actions from other counties and states and countries." 

Landon says to make sure the moth doesn’t reach Yolo County, crews have been out setting traps in urban areas and nurseries. They’re also inspecting shipments that local nurseries get from the Bay Area.

Last month, crews sprayed organic pesticides on trees and shrubs in a Napa neighborhood. The fight to control the pest could end up costing agriculture officials more than $100 million.