Opponents and Supporters Show Down Over Spay and Neuter

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 9, 2007

Bob Barker of the “The Price is Right” fame is pushing the bill. He says it  will address the large numbers of dogs and cats in shelters. 

 “Our country if it’s to be considered civilized must protect all living things and that includes animals…”

Its author, Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine has amended the measure to accommodate opposition. But breeders and service animal providers say it will create more red tape.  Republican Senator George Runner says there’s also a larger issue at stake. 

 “And that is how we find ourselves standing against these encroachments about our choices and our abilities to make good decisions on our own without government interfering.

Opponents are running television ads in Sacramento to get their point across.  The bill will be heard in a Senate committee later this week.