License Plate Funds Unspent

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 9, 2007

After 9/11 the state legislature created an anti-terrorism fund.  The money comes from the sale of special memorial license plates—that cost at least fifty-dollars.  So far the state legislature has not agreed on how to spend that money. Democratic State Assemblywoman Betty Karnette’s has a bill to dedicate four million dollars of the unspent funds to train local law enforcement and fire agencies.  Karnette says it’s time to make a decision. 

  “If you’re spending money for something to be used in a certain way, you expect it to be done and I think the people who spent their money thought it would be used…”

A spokesman says the California Office of Homeland Security supports the plan.  In the past that office has proposed spending the money on port and transit security.  But the state has received federal grants—and voters approved bond funding—for those efforts