Theatre Review: Fat Pig

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 5, 2007

Writer Neil LaBute doesn’t mess around. He gave this play an incendiary title, one that’s guaranteed to raise some people’s blood pressure – “Fat Pig.” And the play’s opening lines pull no punches.


This is a play that poses lots of uncomfortable questions, yet it’s so compelling, and so much like real life, that you stay with it. Why do people say cruel things, sometimes without really meaning to? Why is it so difficult for a guy to tell his office buddies he’s dating a woman who is significantly overweight? Why do some of these so-called friends respond with ridicule?

LaBute offers no easy answers and no pious pronouncements. His specialty as a writer is exploring the darker side of ordinary human nature – depicting everyday people who find themselves in difficult situations. And they don’t always respond by doing the right thing. This production by Capital Stage is straightforward, emotionally clear, and as contemporary as this hour’s newscast. It’s a challenging, polished, thought-provoking show. Something that you won’t soon forget.

"Fat Pig" plays at Capital Stage -- on the Delta King Riverboat in Old Sacramento -- through August 12th.