Review on Voting Machines Underway

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Monday, July 2, 2007

You have to walk through three locked doors to get to the secure testing room…  Not even Secretary of State Debra Bowen has a key…

“There’s always someone from the Secretary of State’s office there and there are four security cameras in the room.”

It’s in this white tiled windowless room where a team of computer scientists is examining voting machines. They have access to trade secrets. Principal Investigator Matthew Bishop says they deliberately make mistakes in setting up the systems and they try to hack in.

“People try to figure out  if you want to do something nasty, what is it you would try?  From that we get ideas about things to try…”

The so-called top to bottom review will finish later this month.  Then the Secretary will decide whether the voting systems can keep their certification for use in next year’s elections.