Theatre Review: Corpse!

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(Nevada City, CA)
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gary Wright is one of the best comic actors in the Sacramento region – he can make you laugh by falling down in a heap, or by delivering a perfectly-timed punchline. In this show, he plays identical twins. Here’s Wright as the successful brother Rupert, who’s a shrewd investor in the stock market


The other twin, named Evelyn, is an unemployed actor. He disguises himself as a well-dressed woman and snitches bottles of whiskey from fancy restaurants – a habit that worries his landlady.


Evelyn covets his brother’s money. So he hatches an elaborate plan to get Rupert killed, and assume his identity. The story teases out gradually – this very clever British play has more twists and turns than a corkscrew. And you’ll have fun fathoming Evelyn’s scheme – and figuring how Gary Wright  manages to appear onstage simultaneously as both Evelyn and Rupert -- a neat piece of old-style summertime stage magic.

"Corpse!" plays at the Foothill Theatre Company through August 5th.