Questions About Public Cooling Rooms In Sacramento SRO's

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 18, 2007

Owners of some single room occupancy hotels, or SRO’s, have said they can’t afford to install air conditioners in every room.  So, under an agreement with the city of Sacramento, several SRO’s have turned vacant rooms into cooling rooms using portable air conditioners.  But Scott Decker, with the SRO Collaborative Project, wonders what happens if the rooms are rented out:
If somebody comes along and says, “hey you got a room for rent?” my inclination as a manager is “yeah sure.” What am I gonna tell ‘em? It’s gotta place a strain in their finances to be able to provide this cooling space.
Decker says the city is considering loaning the SRO’s money to help pay for the air conditioning.  He thinks the city should pay the rent for the vacant cooling rooms as well.