Single Room Occupancy Hotels Get Air Conditioning

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 15, 2007

As of yesterday, five of the ten hotels were still without air.  That’s even though a new city code took effect June 1st, requiring at least a public room with an air conditioner.
Director of City Code Enforcement Max Fernandez says this morning his employees inspected the five hotels and found four had put portable air conditioners in vacant rooms where residents could relax:
We wanna make sure that in the case the weather takes a turn for the heat…if we have a heat wave…these folks will be ready to go.

 The owner of the fifth hotel promised to install air conditioners in a few vacant rooms as well.  Inspectors were returning by close of business today to make sure that happened.  During an 11 day heat wave last July, 13 people in Sacramento died.  Several of them lived in the downtown hotels.