Virginia Tech Shooting Prompts Mental Health Proposal

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Victor Ojakian says since his son Adam-- a 21 year old senior at U-C Davis-- took his own life in 2004, he and his wife have found themselves working to help others. 

 “You have an obligation to everyone else in this state to make sure they don’t go through what you have gone through…”

Ojakian says he’s convinced programs to identify students in need of mental health support would have helped his son. He’s supporting the efforts of State Senator Darrell Steinberg. 

Steinberg was behind Proposition 63 that funds mental health programs in California with a tax on the wealthy.  He wants to use some of that funding for training students and staff as well as suicide prevention.  Sixty-million dollars over four years would be available to schools in the form of grants.  The proposal must still be approved by the commission that oversees Prop 63 spending.