Two Measures on Redistricting Move Forward

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The bills by the Democratic Assembly Speaker and the Assembly Republican leader would each remove lawmakers’ power to draw political boundaries. Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez’s measure would have a group of political appointees do the job. He says it’s a fair and responsible system.  GOP leader Mike Villines’ bill would have citizens—chosen randomly—perform the task.   In committee, some argued that expertise is needed to draw new political maps, but Villines’ says regular citizens are up to it.

“I believe we in this room and lawyers and staff with vested interest on both sides are the ones who make it so complicated.  I just don’t think it is…” 

Governor Schwarzenegger is pushing for changing the process.  He has said he won’t support a proposed ballot initiative to change term limits— that’s desired by some lawmakers-- unless a redistricting measure is also placed before voters.