Vang Pao Denied Bail

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 11, 2007

Hundreds of Vang Pao’s supporters outside the courthouse in Downtown Sacramento roared their disapproval upon learning that the judge ordered Pao jailed while he fights the charges.

Paula Yang – a Central Valley Hmong community leader – says Pao saved thousands of Hmong during the Vietnam War.  

"He is our only one true hero that exists in America and back in Laos." 

Yang says many in the Hmong community believe Pao was set up. 

"A majority of us do feel that this is an entrapment to conspiracy." 

Vang Pao and 9 other people are being held on charges that they tried to buy nearly $10 million worth of military weapons and recruit mercenaries to unseat the Laotian government. Pao’s attorneys say he’s innocent.