Unusual Dilemna For Incumbent State Lawmakers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, June 8, 2007

More than 100 candidates have filed their intention to run for one of the open seats.  They’re raising money and setting up campaign headquarters.  But a measure headed for the February ballot would let incumbent lawmakers stay in their seats a few more years…. So what’s a lawmaker wannabe to do?  Alan Hoffenblum is publisher of the California Target Book – which handicaps elections:

“Once a candidate gets started, goes out and announces, raises money, gets endorsements, it’s very hard for them to pullup and say, gee, I think I’ll defer to the incumbent, so I am quite certain that in some cases the incumbent is going to get a primary challenge.”

Hoffenblum is also a Republican strategist who managed campaigns for years.   His advice to the incumbents who’d like to keep their jobs?  Announce now you’re planning to run for re-election if given the chance.  The term limit measure is not yet officially on the ballot.