Sac Metro Chamber Endorses West Sacramento Flood Tax

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Sacramento Metro Chamber will be doing outreach to West Sacramento business owners. 

The idea is to convince them to vote for that city’s proposed flood assessment district.

Michael Faust, senior vice president of public policy and advocacy at the Chamber, says the cost to the region would be “staggering,” if West Sacramento flooded.

He says there are approximately 12,000 businesses and homes in the assessment area and if those businesses and homes are flooded it would be devastating.   

“That’s why we believe it’s important not only for homeowners, but for the businesses of West Sacramento to vote for the assessment,” Faust says.

Most homeowners would see their property taxes increase by about 40 to 120 dollars annually with the money going to flood protection.
Business property taxes would increase substantially more than that.

There is little to no organized opposition to the tax.