State Senate Approves Iraq War Ballot Measure

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The legislation would place an advisory measure on the ballot.  It would ask Californians whether President Bush should immediately withdraw troops from Iraq.  Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata wrote the bill.  He says it’s a chance for people of the state to voice their opinion on the war:

 “3400 soldiers are dead and we’ve spent 350 billion dollars that we know of prosecuting this war. That war is costing Califoria dearly.”

There was close to an hour of spirited debate on the measure.  Republican Senator Roy Ashburn argued it was cynical:

 “To have a vote in a single state on the issue of the conduct of the war raises with the people of California a false expectation.”

The bill moves now to the Assembly.  It would also have to be signed by the Governor to make it to the ballot. 

Bill number: 924