Another Plan to Change Redistricting

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 4, 2007

Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines wants a citizen’s commission to do the job. His plan calls for four Democrats, four Republicans and three unaffiliated Californians—all drawn from lists of registered voters.  That differs from the Assembly Speaker’s plan that would have a politically appointed body do the work.  Villines says ordinary citizens are up to the task.

“If we have faith in the people to decide matters of life and death already as members of a jury I don’t think it’s a stretch nor should we fear having citizens draw our political lines…”

Supporters say there’s leverage to get something done this year. Democrats are backing a ballot measure to change lawmakers’ term limits.   But Governor Schwarzenegger has said he will not support such a move unless there is also a ballot measure to reform the way political districts are drawn.