Lawmaker Pushes for Plan to Encourage Students on to College

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 31, 2007

Twelve-year-old Madeleine Ielmini is already planning for college….   She won a scholarship for an essay she wrote about legislation that would guarantee students’ a chance at higher education. 

 “You’re going to want to go to college because you feel important. You feel like, ‘I’m going to fill this spot, it’s mine!  I’m not going to let anyone else take it.”

That’s the goal of Democratic state Senator Jack Scott’s legislation to encourage more kids to go to college.  Under his proposal students in middle school—particularly those in low income areas--could sign a pledge to meet graduation requirements, take college prep courses and apply for financial aid. 

 In return the state would guarantee the students a spot in community college, waive fees for two years then guarantee them a place at UC or Cal State.   Many details on the program—including the funding—still must be worked out.