How Much Do Voters Know?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 31, 2007

According to the poll by, only one in ten Californians could name the top area of state spending  (K-12 education)  or the top revenue source  (the personal income tax).  And more than half knew very little or nothing about how bonds are paid for.  P-P-I-C President Mark Baldassare says that could make voters more easily swayed:

“It makes it likely if there is opposition that you can easily turn public opinion if you’re starting from a basis of very little knowledge about a topic.”

Despite little knowledge about bonds, likely voters also said they supported Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to issue another 43 billion worth for education, prisons and water storage.  And even though only one percent could correctly answer how long lawmakers can stay in office – 14 years – a majority said they would vote yes on a ballot measure to change term limits.  The findings were based on a survey of two-thousand California adults conducted this month.