Elk Grove Kills Beavers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

City officials say the animals are plugging storm drains and restricting water flow in Elk Grove’s canals and creeks. 

"The beavers create flooding hazards and ultimately create a public health and safety issue for the residents of Elk Grove." 

Christine Brainerd with the city says they’ve contracted with the US Department of Agriculture’s wildlife services to get rid of the animals.

That typically involves either shooting the beavers or trapping them. Monica Engebretson with the Animal Protection Institute in Sacramento says that’s not the humane way to go. 

"It’s the easiest, kind of band-aid approach to the problem." 

She says Elk Grove should look into alternative methods like adding so-called beaver bafflers to creeks. 

"That allows the water to drain and allows the beaver dam to stay in place but the flooding problem is addressed because the water’s allowed to drain through the dam."

City officials say in the past year they’ve spent $65,000 repairing damage created by beavers.