Senioritis Antidote: New Car

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 29, 2007

But a group of local car dealers thinks they’ve come up with an antidote. They’re offering seniors with perfect attendance the chance to win a car.

Elizabeth Grasswich with the Elk Grove School District says the contest has generated plenty of buzz. 

"A lot of excitement at the schools. I think for some of the students it’s kind of unreal, the idea that they actually could win a car but I think come Friday, it’s going to be very real for them."

On Friday, 8 finalists, selected from a drawing, will try to start 8 cars at the Elk Grove Auto Mall. Only one car will start and the student in the driver’s seat will win a $20,000 certificate to buy a car. The runners up will each get a $250 US Savings Bond.