Whales Getting Closer To Ocean

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 28, 2007

The mother humpback whale and her calf have been in a holding pattern about 45 miles from the ocean for most of the day. US Coast Guard Petty Officer Mariana O’Leary says even though the animals are closer to the ocean, they’re still not safe. 

"Because they have more ship traffic, large deep draft vessels, it’s Memorial Day there’s a lot of boaters out, they’re harder to pinpoint where they’re going, they can disappear a lot easier so we’re optimistic that they heading in the right direction and yet we still have a lot of challenges ahead."

Sunday, the whales moved 24 miles down the Sacramento River in about 24 hours. Scientists say they can't predict whether the whales will keep moving or how soon they might reach the Golden Gate Bridge.

A medical team plans to administer a second round of antibiotics to the injured pair. The whales' wounds have worsened as they’ve lingered outside of their saltwater home.