Time Running Out For Summer Jobs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 28, 2007

Employment analysts say in many cases, high school students will be competing with senior citizens for jobs once dominated by teenagers. 

"We see older workers that have come back into the labor market some of them are working in fast food."

David Lyons – a labor market consultant with the state Employment Development Department – says most of the recreation positions like lifeguards and summer camp workers are already filled. But he says the upcoming State Fair is a good job opportunity. Another one is the so-called dancing billboard – those folks who stand on the corner advertising housing developments and other businesses.

Lyons says, whatever job you get, if you’re on time and properly dressed, you’ll have an upper hand on many other teens.

"We hear that time and time again from employers about a lack of some basic skills with their new or younger workers that they’re seeing." 

Lyons says teenagers should focus on how a job opportunity will help them in the future, such as an internship.