Rafters Take Loaned Life Jackets Over Memorial Day Weekend

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 28, 2007


Sean Kravitz puts his raft into the river near the Sunrise Foot Bridge wearing a life jacket sized for a petite woman, because the Sac Metro Fire department has just about run out of jackets to loan.

But Kravitz says he’s willing to wear a jacket that’s too small:


It’ll do.  It’ll keep me afloat.  Better safe than sorry.


Volunteers helping to put the life jackets on rafters don’t recommend wearing an ill fitting jacket:


But at 1 in the afternoon yesterday, they had loaned out more than 15 hundred and there were no more to be had.

Sac Metro Fire Captain Tom Neville  says the fire department ran out the day before too:


I’d say 85, almost 90 percent, of the folks who come down here are very willing to have us size them and they appear to be wearing them when they leave.


The life jackets are donated by various community organizations and businesses and Neville says the department could use more before the Fourth of July holiday.