City of Folsom Dedicates New Veterans Memorial

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 28, 2007

An honor guard played taps for the 11 veterans whose names are on a large granite rock, including two Folsom High graduates who died in Iraq.
Folsom Mayor Andy Morin says the memorial was purposely placed in the popular City Lion’s Park, so it would be a gathering place and daily reminder of those who lost their lives in battle:

People have died in wars, and we don’t ever want to forget that, you know, someday, maybe we won’t ever have to add names to the rock behind me, but until that great day comes, this what we can do as a community.
The artist, Philip Sciortino  says he wants the monument to be a place of joy, not sadness:

I would like it to be a private place, that even lovers would come, a young man and a young woman would meet here – a meeting place – and a social place for all occasions.
The granite rock had been in the park for 20 years. The bronze artwork of an eagle, a soldier kneeling and pointing to his scout dog was built around it.  A woman in mourning is still to be added.