Sacramento Region Iraqi Vet Talks About Memorial Day

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 25, 2007

Jayson Markham is a commander with the Army National Guard in Yuba City.   In Iraq, he was exposed to daily stress and violence as a transportation platoon leader.
On this Memorial Day, he’ll remember his friends who were killed in the line of duty:
I guess I get all choked up.  Their effort wasn’t in vain.  They did what they were wanting to do and gave the ultimate sacrifice.
As someone who was interested in the armed forces, Memorial Day has always held special meaning for Markham.  He says he’s taken time each year to honor those who died in past wars.
Since coming back from Iraq two years ago, the day is now one of sadness and, at the same time, of joy:
You know, not a day goes by that I think about those that haven’t come back and how fortunate I am to play with my kids and my dog and smile at my wife everyday.
Markham has two friends who are still serving in Iraq.  He says he’ll be thinking of them as well on this Memorial Day.