Jazz Jubilee To Add New Bands -- Maybe Rock And Roll

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 25, 2007

Mike Testa, with the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau, says to remain profitable the Jazz Jubilee has to bring in new bands. And he says Jubilee officials are looking at everything…from country music to rock and roll:
What the jubilee is doing is looking at other options of how they can make this festival bigger and attract a larger audience than they have in the past.  Whenever you have that opportunity, you evaluate the event, and you see what you need to bring in to make it better.  And part of what will make it different is adding different genres of music to it.
Officials with the Jubilee would not speak on tape, but they confirm Testa’s remarks.
Testa says big changes could come to the jubilee as soon as next year.  And he says, while Dixieland jazz will remain at its core, the jubilee will become more of a general music festival rather than a jazz event. 
The jubilee has already expanded to include zydeco, blues and swing dancing.
The 34 year old event ran into financial trouble four years ago and had to take a loan from the city. But Testa says it’s now operating in the black.