Rangers To Enforce Parkway Alcohol Ban

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 24, 2007

Park rangers say they’ll step up patrols to enforce an alcohol ban along the shoreline. Sacramento County Park Ranger Steve Flannery says the goal is to prevent the mayhem of previous holiday weekends. 

"In a couple of locations the rafts will stop and there will be things going on like public nudity, urinating in public just the general rowdiness of public drunkenness and it just makes us really nervous."

Flannery says Sheriff’s deputies will be on standby just in case rangers need help.

Last year, county supervisors approved a ban on drinking alcohol in the American River Parkway between Hazel and Watt Avenues during summer holiday weekends. However, alcohol is still legal if you’re actually in the water floating in a raft. A proposed state law that would extend the ban to on-water drinking is still pending.