New Hazmat Hauling Standards Proposed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 24, 2007

Democratic Assemblyman Pedro Nava couldn’t ignore the crash – and resulting freeway collapse:

“I would feel poorly if in the light of this accident the response by the legislature was to do nothing.”

He’s behind a bill to require drivers hold a commercial license for three years with no violations before they can haul hazardous materials.  He says now it’s not strict enough:

 “You satisfy requirements as a commercial truck driver, you take a written test, you are now deemed qualified to haul chlorine gas, gasoline, flammable material.”

Deborah Mattos represents companies that haul fuel.   

"Everybody likes to get the fuel for their vehicles and the farms and the hospitals.  Those are all the people that we deliver fuel to.  If this is going to impact those drivers, then that’s a concern.”

Mattos notes there’s also an industry-wide driver shortage.