EU Will Protect Napa Valley Wines

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The EU is granting Napa what is known as “geographic indicator” status. That means wine bottles can’t say “Napa” on the label if the grapes came from someplace else. 

"We’re obviously elated with the decision."

Linda Reiff with the Napa Valley Vintners Association says they’re going after a dozen labels in Europe and Asia that are deliberately deceiving customers.

"It’s a matter of upholding the integrity of the Napa Valley name and meanwhile restoring consumer confidence that when the choose a wine using the word Napa it indeed is from Napa." 

The EU agreement is the first time that the Napa name has been protected outside California. A state law already bans wine non-Napa producers from misusing the Napa name.