State Seeks Waiver From E-P-A

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Attorney General Jerry Brown was one of those testifying before the E-P-A.  He calls President Bush’s record on global warming terrible – and in a statement said Bush was “acting in collusion with the auto and oil industries.”  Brown says he’s appealing to the Administration to step up:

“We’re just saying, Bush , don’t listen to the automobile companies and let your director of environment make a decision in accordance with the law and the urgent needs of Californians to reduce global greenhouse gases.”

A California law passed in 2002 requires automakers to reduce emissions.  But the state can’t enforce the stricter law without a waiver from the E-P-A.  It requested one over a year ago.   And 11 other states may follow California’s lead if the waiver is granted.  Governor Schwarzenegger says the state will sue if the E-P-A hasn’t acted by October.