Eminent Domain Reform Is Back

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 21, 2007

Democratic Assemblyman Hector De La Torre is authoring a constitutional amendment that he says would provide homeowners with unprecedented protection:

"It completely outlaws the ability of any local government jurisdiction taking your home for private development.  Never before have we had that in California. This would be the first time.”

The bill is a response to a two-year old Supreme Court decision that found governments could use eminent domain to take private property and turn it over to a developer.  De La Torre’s bill would also prevent governments from taking small businesses for development, unless there’s a larger plan to eliminate blight – and the business is given a chance to be part of it.  Opponents say the measure doesn’t do enough – for example, churches would not be protected.  This past November, voters rejected a much broader eminent domain measure. 


Bill # ACA 8