Rescue Planned For Wayward Whales

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Researchers, including veterinarian Laurie Gage, say the two whales – a mother and her calf – have injuries that appear to have come from a boat propeller. The animals won’t need treatment, according to experts, as long as they can be returned to their natural sea habitat. The spectacle of the humpbacks attracted a big crowd on a levee near the port Wednesday. 

"Oh yeah…did you see them…go home." 

Maggie Scott came from Vacaville to see the whales. 

"Yeah, they’re right there in front of that blue building. I just want them to get back out to their home and make it safely because I don’t know how long they can survive in the fresh water."

The whales were first spotted in the Sacramento River on Monday. Thursday, biologists plan to play the familiar sounds of humpback whales underwater to try to lure the mother and calf back toward the San Francisco Bay.