Theatre Review: The Clean House

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

In this play we meet Lane, a tightly-wound doctor, with a problem at home. Her new cleaning lady is a slacker on the job, primarily interested in telling the perfect joke.


Mathilde, the Brazilian cleaning lady, has her own agenda.


This cultural disconnect is just the starting point for this delightfully unpredictable play. Domestic comedy opens into a love affair, which is ultimately tested by  terminal illness. There’s also visual irony – like ripe apples that get tossed out of one scene and land in the next, to the delight of the audience and the complete confusion of the characters on stage. It all makes for a comedy with surprisingly deep dimensions, stirring your feelings in unexpected but satisfying ways.

"The Clean House" continues at the B Street Theatre in Sacramento through June 17th.