Prison Overcrowding Focus of Two Reports

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Federal receiver Robert Sillen has already taken over the hiring of medical staff in state prisons.  Now he wants to oversee the recruitment of corrections officers.  He says the current vacancy rate is hampering his ability to bring healthcare to constitutional standards. 

“If we don’t have correctional officers hired soon we will have no way of getting our patients to their medical care…” 

In his report to the federal judge, Sillen also criticized the Governor’s plan to build new beds in state prison facilities.  He says it will do nothing to alleviate overcrowding—that there won’t be enough beds for high risk inmates. 

In response Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary Jim Tilton said the plan will require getting rid of overflow beds located in common areas such as gyms.  As for hiring, Tilton says that is his agency’s job.