Domestic Violence Assistance Center Gets Big Donation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Weave Counseling Center will use nearly half of its 125 thousand dollar donation from Verizon for a pilot program to help domestic violence victims get help in the workplace.
Beth Hassett, executive director of Weave in Sacramento, says the program will be called “Silence Doesn’t Work Here:”
So many victims have jobs and unfortunately, often do lose their jobs, because of the domestic violence they’re experiencing.  They miss a lot of work.  Their abuser calls their work or shows up there.
Hassett says the program will educate victims, employers and co-workers about reporting domestic violence.Officials with Verizon say domestic violence has been one of their causes for some time now.  A  Verizon employee was killed in the parking lot of a Rancho Cordova store by her estranged partner last January.