Postage Rates Go Up Monday, May 14th

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 14, 2007

The 39 cent stamp is a thing of the past.  It now costs 41 cents to send a one ounce, first class letter.
But Ralph Petty with the Postal Service in Sacramento says customers can now buy what he calls the Forever Stamp.  It’s worth 41 cents now, but could be worth more later:
So, if you buy the forever stamp now and you continue to keep those in stock, if the rates should go up, you won’t have to put any additional postage on it, because, it’s like I said, good forever.
But be forewarned, if you run out of forever stamps, and the rates increase, you will have to buy stamps at the new price.
Petty says the Forever Stamp is very popular with customers, AND with collectors:
We’re talking about the first year the stamp’s been out, so we’re actually seeing collectors here buying forever stamps.
Rates are going up for all types of mail, including postcards, priority mail, packages and express mail.