Parasitic Weed Found In Yolo County

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 14, 2007

It’s a parasitic plant that is not native to the area. Officials have spotted the dodder in two residential sites and one commercial location.

Yolo County’s Agricultural Commissioner Rick Landon says the weed has yellowish vines capable of choking trees. 

"It is very aggressive in the way that it grows. It looks like spaghetti and it grows up to 18 inches a day. It can completely cover a tree and kill it."

Landon says he thinks someone brought the weed into the area to cultivate for medicinal purposes. Yolo County Supervisors Tuesday are expected to approve a contract with the state Department of Food and Agriculture to hire a company that will eradicate the plant.

Meantime, officials in Sacramento County area also dealing with the plant which has been spotted in about 80 different sites.