Cities And Counties Tackle Budget Plans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 14, 2007

Sacramento County supervisors are looking at a 33 million dollar budget shortfall.  In Elk Grove, Budget Manager Mike McGrane says sales tax revenue will rise only 1 percent, instead of 15 to 22 percent like it has in past years:
We can’t add anything add anymore services. We just wanna keep the budget the same.
Budgets are suffering from sales and property tax declines due to a drop in home sales and a decrease in auto sales.
In Roseville, however, finances are looking pretty good.
Treasurer Russ Branson say sales taxes will increase about 5 percent:
We’re opening a new fire station in July, and we also have a new library opening up in the fall.

 The city hasn’t suffered as much, because its retail base is spread over auto, shopping and restaurant sales.