Dramatic PSA To Prevent Drownings

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 9, 2007

There’s already been one drowning death in Sacramento this year…a 26 year old man who drowned in the American River this past weekend.
So local fire officials decided to get their public education campaign going right away.  They’re distributing a dramatic public service announcement to radio and t.v. stations.  It features an actual 911 call from a Sacramento woman whose 2 year old son died in the family’s pool.
Sacramento Metro Fire Officials fear this could be another season like last year, when there were 89 drowning deaths in the Sacramento region:
Frankly, we’re just tired of seeing people die in what we believe are preventable deaths.
Metro Fire Captain Jeff Lynch says this year’s education campaign doesn’t include the usual list of tips to prevent drowning. 
He says people just didn’t seem to pay attention to those:
The sound of that woman, you can hear from the depth of her soul, the pain that she is in having just discovered her child.
Lynch says the first myth of drowning is that people believe it won’t happen to them.
He hopes this public service announcement will dispel that:
Someone out there will hear that word and that they will take the proper actions and precautions and realize that drowning is an equal opportunity customer.
Sacramento Metro Fire officials got the mother’s permission to use the 911 tape.  Lynch says she told them hearing it was extremely upsetting to her, but she wanted to help prevent other needless deaths.