Capitol Frog Jump

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"GO!  Come on!  Go!
That’s Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi encouraging his frog – named “The New Pioneer.”  The event is a smaller version of the main frog jump, which will take place at the Calaveras County Fair next week.  Garamendi's frog hopped less than four feet – one of the shorter jumps: 
“I had a dud.  He gave me a bad frog –I got a bad frog.  if I took a frog off my ranch, I would’ve won this thing.  You put lead in the frog – I know this game.”
The winner was Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines’ frog – named the Clovis Croaker.  It jumped over 12 feet. 
Media also took part this year.  Capital Public Radio’s frog Nina “Toad” enburg jumped a mediocre five feet, five inches.
By comparison – the world record jump is more than 21 feet.